Heat-treating is defined as an operation or combinations of operations
that involves the heat and cooling of a solid metal for the purpose of
obtaining certain desirable properties. All metal can be heat treated
and certified to you companies desired requirements or to MIL, ASTM,
ASME OR AMS specifications.


The machine shop complements the forge facility in rough machining
or finish machining your forgings to blue print dimensions. By supplying
Complete Metalworks with your finish machined dimensions we will
guarantee that the forging will clean up to your finished sizes. We offer
turning, boring, drilling, planning and sawing to your specifications.

By having Complete Metalworks supply you with a rough machined
or finished machined part could be of great savings to you. It would
save you on labor, set up time and tool life. Therefore freeing up your
shop to perform other jobs. A rough machine part comes into you
qualified, concentric and scale free.


Complete Metalworks performs a hardness test on every forging
we supply. Other test methods are available and would be performed
if specified by the
customer. Some methods are as follows physicals,
ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle inspection, liquid and dye
penetrant, and charpy impact